Marching in Millcreek 4th of July Parade

by Michael Mahler

At the invitation of Tim Reim of the Erie Peace and Justice Center, GLBT folks and their supporters were invited to march with the progressive political contingent in the Millcreek 4th of July Parade. The parade typically draws a few thousand observers.

We marched with an Erie Gay News banner, as well as a long rainbow banner. Marching with the GLBT contingent were Michael Mahler, James von Loewe, Eric Rogers, Chris Strayer , Maureen Koseff (the NW PA PFLAG Representative) and Jason Brendell.

Also marching with the progressive political contingent was the Green Party of Erie County. People marching included Corbin Fowler, Green Party member Eric Brozell, and long-time progressive Warren Hohwald

Apart from one rather grumpy man who said "boo" and gave a thumbs down, the crowd was quite accepting and friendly. Quite a few people smiled and waved back, and Sean Lafferty of WJET TV 24 announced Erie Gay News and the GLBT contingent at the reviewing stand, along with the other groups.

To the best of our knowledge, this was the first time that openly gay folks had marched as a group in a parade other than the Gay Pride March.

More photos of the parade can be viewed here.


Also view photos here.

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