2001 Pride Erie Picnic Wrap-Up

by Michael Mahler

2001 Erie Pride Picnic jpg

Time for a wide-angle lens: 77 people posed for this year's "Family Portrait." See who...

Between 125, and 150 people attended the 2001 Pride Erie Picnic on Saturday, June 30, 2001 at Presque Isle Beach 11 Pavilion. This was the 9th annual picnic at Presque Isle. They have been held every year since 1992, with the exception of 1993. Most people were from Erie county, but friends from other parts of Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Maryland and even Florida joined us.

There are many businesses and people who worked to make the event a success. Deepest thanks go out to The Zone, The Village, and Wegmans (Peach St) for donating funds to cover the cost of the food and pop that was provided to all the attendees. Big thanks also to Coca-Cola-Erie for pop, Wegmans on West Ridge Road for bottled water and Don and Ed of papermoon restaurant for scrumptious salmon puffs.

Brian Skelly and Dave Amy did the shopping & picking up. They also helped with transportation, setup, cleanup, planning and cooked to boot! Many thanks to Jeff Hill for help with transportation, cooking, setup and cleanup. Also, thanks to Bob Howden for help with planning, transportation set up and clean up. Mark H, Rick Blair, Preston and others were kind enough to pass out business cards advertising the Picnic. Big thanks to Heather Malobisky, John King, Kirk and others for setup and clean up.

Thanks also to Micheal Miller for taking the annual Family Portrait. There are around 75-80 people in this year’s picture, which is a huge jump even from last year (50 people.) As a matter of fact, the only Family Portrait to have more people was the one taken at the first Pride Rally in 1998 (about 100 people in the picture and 300 people attending that event.)

Of course, thanks are due to everyone who showed up to have a good time! It was a wonderful mixture of male and female, young and old, gay folks and our straight supporters/families/friends. We really have a lot to be proud of that we are such a wonderfully diverse and friendly group!

Who's who in the picture:

Row 1 (Sitting on Ground): Micheal Miller, Michael Mahler, Amanda Matteson, Carrie Rodgers, Kathryn Dunton, Dayna Shelkey, Rosa & Little Rosa, Meghann Robinson, Leslie Sadley, Cheryl, Steve Clark (wheelchair.)

Row 1-1/2 (Kneling/Sitting on Ground) Jolinda Dexter, Angel Coon, Tina Smith, Crystal Callella

Row 2 (Crouching/standing): Ed K, Bob V, Adam Romanik, Richard Guy, Janice Hanusik, Laurie Finch, Dee Dee Foll, Jerry & Katy (his dog), Heidi & Stinky (dog), Linda, Laurie Blarr (kneeling) , Shirley Williams

Row 3: Fritz Barker, Don Cooley, Brian Skelly, David Amy, Don, Tim L, Aubrey Wertheim, David J Chrispell, Lisa (yellow shirt), Jen, Rick Blair, Susan Laurie, Julie Bruno, Joyce Hoellein, Kim Conti, Judy Goodwin

Row 4 (begins between Brian Skelly and David Amy): Michael Runninger, Dawn B, Jackie, Bobbi B, Fran B, Jane Lewis, Lisa Hayes, Stephen Main, Robin, Nancy

Row 5: Rick Jackson, Bernie Bright, Abbey Atkinson (upper corner right of jungle gym), Michelle Sprouse, Jaimi Bonizar, Paul Grubbs (sitting on bar), Tim McNichol (sitting on bar), Preston Blood (sitting on bar)

Row 6: Brian, Tammy, Aaron (partially obscured), Cathy Barrett (on platform), Tom Muckinhaupt, Marshall Synder, Martin Swalboski, Bob Howden, Stephan Grutkowski

Row 7: Jeff Hill, Rick Hinds, Jason Motsch, Hayes Biggs, Douglas Boudreau

Hope to see you all again at next year's Picnic.

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