1992 Pride Picnic

by Deb Spilko (reprint from the January 1993 issue of Erie Gay Community Newsletter, this was the very first issue of the publication)

In June the Pride Picnic was held. The picnic was scheduled for June because that is the month when gay and lesbian pride marches and other observances take place around the country and internationally.

Held at a cabin near Beach 6, the picnic attracted 40-60 people. Organizers of this first effort didn't strive for large attendance, preferring to see how the event went before moving on to something that drew a real crowd.

There weren't really any organized events, but folks attending kept themselves entertained by hanging out at the beach, playing games, hiking, listening to music, chatting with friends,,, and, of course, sampling the various foods (it was a pot luck.)

Bridges will be taking over the Pride Picnic (next is scheduled for June 12, 1993) [Ed. note, this was later cancelled as everyone was busy with the 1993 March on Washington at that time.)] but in the future, it will probably not be held at the peninsula. This decision was reached because it contradicted what the picnic was supposed to be about: since the picnic was at a public park, the lesbians and gay men respected the sensibilities of others in the park and did not "act gay" or show physical affection to the same sex. Although such respect for others is commended, it doesn't seem right to go to a gay pride event and feel restrained about being gay. So, at this writing, alternatives are being investigated. Suggestions would be appreciated.

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